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Sir Wise and Sir John.jpg (61272 bytes)The Sword in the Stone was found in a swamp by the Mild Sir Wise, an adventurer, physician, philosopher, and also thought to be a skilled wizard. Sir Wise traveled for years gathering fellow adventurers to join him on a search for the person who would be able to extract the sword and become rightful monarch of one of five lands. Sir Wise and his troupe would travel from festival to festival on his search. After a few weary years of traveling with the Stone, he decided that he needed to venture off on his own to continue his thirst for knowledge. He then turned the troupe over to Sir John of the North, who was affectionately known as "Scotty", but sometimes shows up at festivals and joins the fun.

Until his recent passing, the man in charge of the Sword in the Stone was Sir John of the North, Scotty had the ability to recognize those who might be worthy to win a monarchy by pulling the sword from the stone. Since Sir Wise left for his adventures abroad, Scotty had held the troupe together and is still the heart of this ever changing family.

stonebearer.jpg (50780 bytes)Stonebearer was found in a clearing by the good Sir Wise, apparently abandoned by his parents, Sir Wise took him in to help carry the mystical stone which the legendary sword Excalibur is embedded. At that time Sir Wise employed 10 men to carry the stone, by the time he grew, Stonebearer was able to carry it by himself. Sir Wise raised the boy and by using different herbs and exercises to strengthen his body and a rigorous scholastic training to strengthen his mind. While most people originally think him to be only a brute, Stonebearer is known for his quick wit.

william and virginia.jpg (48676 bytes)Sir William of Ripon, is the trainer and keeper of the troupes pet dragon, Barnabus. William fiercely battled the dragon, which was terrorizing the small hamlet of Ripon, and finally tamed the beast. Barnabus. now roars and spews smoke any time someone worthy extracts the sword. Williams charming Wife Virginia and daughters Willow and Glenna, keep the troupe well fed and happy.  Helping in the Kitchen are  Mistress Alon and the waif Asposia.

     image_117.jpg (70095 bytes)       image_129.jpg (105040 bytes)    image_88.jpg (97821 bytes)    image_90.jpg (77486 bytes)

Being a rather large dragon, Barnabus needs to fed  fresh meat twice daily. Williams brother, Sir Fredrick the True and his wench Jennifer hunt and prepare the great beasts meals.    Sir Frederick employs Louis the Fierce and Kenneth the Kind as fellow hunters.

sir frederick and jennifer.jpg (63229 bytes)    louis.jpg (43794 bytes)        sir kenneth.jpg (32779 bytes)

maggie and annie.jpg (67086 bytes)To fund their search, Scotty must excise a small tax from the potential monarchs, thus the role of the evil tax collector is assumed by the lovely Annie Bag for Ayers.  Breaker of hearts and wind.

To record the troupes quest, they employ the historian, Haggie Maggie, Annie's equally lovely sister. Many of the images on you will see of the Sword in the Stone troupe, were captured by Maggie's sharp eye.  


    When the troupe arrives at a new town, a shelter must be erected to house the stone and the troupe, the men and woman who accomplish this great task are  Sir Thom, Lady Christine, young squire Justin and Sir Joseph of Zimron.   

     Sir Thom    Lady Christine    Squire Justin   Sir Joseph of Zimron with Lady Leslie


image_76.jpg (48772 bytes)Though Stonebearer carries the mighty Stone, there is quite a lot of equipment, to procure and convey, that task has been well covered by Sir Biggins. named this because of his abnormal size and shape.  Scotty took him in as his own while on the way to the kings festival to find a worthy soul to pull the sword. Biggins looks up to Stonebearer like a big brother- and always around Easter his ears grow out long and tall his two front teeth buck out, sprouts a tail that looks like he's crapping tapioca and only answers to the name Chester The Easter Dummy

slendine.jpg (57793 bytes)Scotty, in a act of extreme kindness, took in an evil wizard.  Scotty always thought there was good in everyone, even in Slendine.  He has found his place brewing elixirs and potions in a strange contraption he calls his "still".  We still don't know what it cures, but you sure feel better after taking it.


Mistress AliciaSince the Sword and Stone does not condone testing on poor defenseless animals with Slendine's potions, we've hired Mistress Alicia to test them, this might explain a few thing to those who meet her.


Thomas and DeannaArvolinaNights on the road can be tiring and monotonous, so we have brought our own entertainment, such as the master storytelling team of Thomas and Deanna and the temptress of a dancer  Arvolina. 


ratpack.JPG (52025 bytes)A passion of most of the members of the troupe is Rat Pucking. A game run by Ratcatcher Emrys Fleet. Basically, to Rat Puck is to take a Rat and a fling it with your pucking stick to a target in the fewest strokes. Sir Joseph, Sir Thom, Sir William, Sir Frederick the True , Stonebearer, Sir Biggins, and Slendine have all won the coveted Crimson Rat and Sir William, Sir Joseph and Emrys are the were the first three holders of annual Puddleton Open Green Masters Tunic and Stonebearer was the last Puddleton winner.  The first PeeWee Puckers Division winner was our own Glenna!  Sir Joseph also has won the rare and coveted Golden Shrimp!!

Where will the troupe travel next? Be on the lookout for them at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival  at MOSI in Tampa Florida March 2006.


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